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Yesterday, President Adama Barrow presided over the swearing in of the first batch of his cabinet. This is the batch which contains the political appointees.

There were seven opposition parties and one independent political aspirant who eventually combined to form the Coalition. It would have been very difficult for President Barrow to come to a decision regarding the key political appointments if there were struggles for posts.

Apparently, some prominent members of the Coalition decided not to compete for those posts and allow President Barrow to use his discretion without evoking anger and frustration that often lead to the breakage of coalitions.

The Coalition is still intact. Discussion with some key elements of the Coalition has left Foroyaa with no doubt that the goodwill that gave birth to the Coalition will continue to be shown by its prominent advocates to support President Barrow to fulfill his three year mandate with remarkable success, if he is given the advice that is necessary.

Foroyaa congratulates the new ministers and call on them to prepare themselves to put national interest before party and /or individual interest. To hold a cabinet post requires concentration on national matters and foregoing partisan matters.

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The public will be scrutinising the cabinet members to determine whether public office is purely assumed to render public service and no other function. That is why each person who assumes a cabinet post should be a person of conscience who would resign if he/she aims to pursue partisan objectives while holding public office and is being paid out of the public purse for exercising direction or control over a ministry.

This is the challenge associated with the assumption of public office that many fail to acknowledge before assuming it. That is why governments failed in the past.


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