Thursday, June 24, 2021

The Checks And Balances In A Republic


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Power in the hands of an individual must be checked, otherwise it becomes absolute. When a person wields absolute power impunity cannot be controlled, tyranny must become the ultimate outcome. Presidents can become monarchs if they are allowed to rule by executive orders. This is why a republic establishes controls to prevent arbitrary exercise of power in accordance with the whims and caprices of those who are at the helm of the state.

Every human being is prone to influence from those who are close to the person. Without checks and balances in the exercise of power only executives who are restrained by strong moral convictions could be saved from nepotism and favouritism. Hence to be doubly sure when decisions are made in pursuance of the public interest, the sharing of power in running the affairs of the state is the most feasible means of controlling excesses in the exercise of executive prerogatives.

It is hoped that the new constitution of The Gambia will be a shining example to the world in balancing executive, legislative and judicial powers to ensure democracy, the rule of law and due process in performing public duties.

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