The Chances Of CA And GMC Contesting Is Getting Slimmer


The CA and GMC sought justice from the courts. The courts agreed with them that the IEC did not treat them fairly nor did they conduct their nominations according to the law. 

But it did not declare them nominated, rather it ordered for the rectification of signatures to be done. According to the IEC, instead of the rectified list, a fresh list was submitted to them and they rejected the CA’s nomination for the second time. The IEC further indicated that nothing had been received from the GMC regarding the nomination of their candidate. Moreover, the IEC has confirmed that it has filed an appeal against the decision of the high Court. Since the CA has to go back to court to get a reversal of IEC’s second rejection the chances of their candidate contesting are getting slimmer. The clock is ticking and election will take place in a matter of days.