According to section 152 of the Constitution the allocation of resources to provided services to the Gambian population in the 2024 financial year has to take two major stages.

The first stage is the laying of the Estimates by the executive and its approval by the National Assembly. This has already taken place. However before the approved estimates become law it has to be transformed into an appropriation bill                                     which must be passed into law by the National Assembly and assented to and published by the president in the Gazette to become an Appropriation Act.

The National Assembly is now to proceed with the budget speech and the consideration of the Appropriation Bill which must be passed within seven days. The Estimates has to be approved within fourteen days.

Hence according to the Constitution of The Gambia the consideration and approval of estimates and its transformation into an Appropriation Bill for consideration and passing into law must not exceed 21 days.

Foroyaa will monitor the budget speech and the process of considering the Appropriation Bill for the notice of our readers.