Prices are skyrocketing and consumers are complaining. Foroyaa reporters have been taking note of the high prices of essential commodities. It is not uncommon to see the people congregating to buy biscuits and other items from the market without looking at the expiry date of the product.

Many supermarkets are now careful in selling expired food. Expired foodstuff find their way in the market. Consequently those who could not afford to buy quality products would turn to those people who are selling those products at giveaway prices.

Foroyaa intends to aid consumers in fighting for quality products at more affordable prices by conducting general interviews with those who are selling quality products at reasonable prices for publication or broadcast. It is hoped that those interviews will reveal those who are committed to selling quality products at reasonable prices so that the consumers would be able to identify those who are committed to the public interest. We are convinced that unless a determined effort is made consumers will continue to get poor quality products.