The Bargaining For The Future Of The Gambia Has Begun


The social media is bombarded with persons and parties expressing their views and expectations on the lead to and outcome of the 2021 Presidential Elections.

Some persons and political parties are taking the frontline as participants and others are stating their negotiating positions in order to become allies. 

Every day comes with its surprises. The leaders claim to be engaged in talks, but the supporters are fed with a diet of uncertainty regarding outcomes.

The future of the Gambia will be determined by one of two options. It will either be determined by people who see the Gambia as the common property of the Gambian people whose wellbeing and general welfare must be considered uppermost in any alliance for elections.

The second option is to craft alliance based on the view that the Gambia is a cake that should be shared among the leaders of an alliance.

The two forces are now at work. The outcome will be determined by the support they will have from the silent.