The Attempt to Mislead the Religious Leaders of the Country


Foroyaa has observed that there is a deliberate attempt to mislead the religious leaders of the country to believe that the draft Constitution aims to promote same sex marriage.

Foroyaa would like to caution all Gambians to uphold the truism that no one has the right to miseducate or mislead a nation. Knowledge and truth are the basis of peace and sustainable development. Ignorance and deception are the basis of mischief and national disintegration.

Some people are selling the very life and future of our country for a paltry price. They must not be allowed to do so. A Constitution is the foundation of a Nation. There can’t be no Nation without a constitution. If one cannot read, understand or interpret a Constitution one should not proceed to give sermons about it, otherwise one may mislead one’s congregation. A Shepard that misleads his flock cannot be said to be heading on a straight path.

All Gambians should open their minds to the debate on the 1997 Constitution in contrast to the draft 2020 Constitution to gather the facts before drawing any conclusion. The National Assembly should have led the Nation to review the draft clause by clause for the whole nation to know the content by simply giving the second stage a three-quarter majority approval. They still had power to reject the bill at the third stage if they could not agree on proposals for amendments after a review at the Committee stage.

Our duty now is to prepare our people to be able to separate the chaff from the grain. The battle for clarity on the Constitution must be waged to its logical conclusion.