Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Aftermath Of The Recent Cabinet Reshuffle


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Though the removal of three UDP Cabinet Ministers from their cabinet positions did not come as a surprise to many, it has its ramifications. To some political parties, even though they had well anticipated such decision it was a bitter pill to swallow, a deep and painful wound, so to speak; and this has engendered anger and frustration. To other political parties, the cabinet reshuffle is eventful and fulfils their heart desires. Many political parties are at a loss, not knowing or perhaps not having faith in what the future may bring.

What is of significance at this point in time is not the rejoicing or moaning at the loss of cabinet positions, but the awakening of the masses to the fact that the way forward is a new Gambia and a new Gambian. The constitutional, legal, electoral and administrative reforms must proceed unabated. A new Gambian must also be born, a sovereign Gambian who owns himself or herself, a Gambian free from ethnolinguistic sentiments or religious bigotry, a Gambian who sees elected representatives as their servants and not their masters or mistresses; otherwise they will continue to be pawns in the political game of opportunists and politicians.

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