Tech World Oil Company Donates 15 Solar Street Lights to Siffoe


By Louise Jobe and Hatab Nyang

The Proprietor of Tech World Oil Company, The Gambia Mr Ebrima Touray has donated and installed 15 Solar Street Lights costing more than 90 thousand dalasi to the community of Sifoe in Kombo South District on Sunday 17th October 2021 as their corporate social responsibility. 

The donated items were installed in some of the dark and strategically used street to provide light and security. 

Baa Abbas Kanteh an elderly man from Kanteh Kunda in Sifoe said before the installation of these lights in this strategic location, people normally fear to go out at night because of the darkness.

‘We are very much happy today to have these solar streets lights in Siffoe.’ he said 

The lights were distributed to namely: 3 at Sifoe central Mosque, 2 at Sifoe market, 4 at Madrasatu Sheikh Ebrima Kanteh, 1 at one of the masjid and the rest scattered along the darkness part of some of the streets. 

Ahmad Tijan Kanteh, vice Principal of of Madrasatu 

Sheikh Ebrima Kanteh(commonly called Sifoe Kanteh) said the Arabic school was established in 1950’s and it is a boarding school.

He said before the installation of these solar street lights in their school that the student finds it very difficult to study at night, but with the installation of these lights now the student will find it easy to study at night.