Teachers, vendors renew call for Wellingara Market garbage removal


 By Fatoumatta K. Jallow

Teachers, vendors and residents near the Wellingara Market are renewing their incessant calls for the Brikama Area Council WELLINGARA WASTE DUMP EXPANDING(BAC) to finally and completely remove the garbage dump they have been complaining about for three months now.

The complaints and calls being made by these concerned members of the community for the complete removal of the garbage have been going on for months now without the matter being finally resolved by the Council.

When this reporter visited the area yesterday, 22 December, following calls from those concerned, she found the place partially cleared but still with some pockets holding old rubbish.

Foroyaa had earlier reported that the Council sent some workers to the site and started clearing the rubbish. Apparently, this work to remove the rubbish heap at the site stalled or was not completed. Hence, the renewed calls for the Council to remove the garbage once and for all.

One of the teachers in the nearby school, who prefers anonymity, said now is the best time for the Council to come and completely remove the garbage as the pupils are on holiday.

“For the sake of the health of the children, I’m appealing to the area council to send their workers to remove the garbage before school reopens after the Christmas holidays. This is the most ideal time for them to do it,” said the school teacher.

Binta Barry, a charcoal seller, lamented the continued presence of garbage which, she said, is still posing a threat to their health.

“Some of the waste has been collected but not everything. We have nowhere to go to and are forced to sit near the garbage,” she said.

She said they are appealing to the Area Council in Brikama to completely remove the garbage for the sake of their health as vendors who are trying to make ends meet to sustain their families.

Alasana Jallow, another vendor who sells prefabricated cooking utensils, reiterated similar concerns, adding that the presence of the garbage is also driving away customers as the stench from it is oppressive and unbearable.

Some of the neighbourhood residents also joined in the call for the council to clear the area of garbage.