Teachers To Continue Industrial Action


By Nelson Manneh

The Deputy Secretary General of the Gambia Teachers Union (GTU) Mr. Essa Sowe, has again reiterated to this reporter that the teacher’s sit-down strike will continue, because the government is still yet to fulfil their demands. Mr. Sowe made this disclosure to this medium during the weekend by indicating the following:

“We had a lengthy discussion with the government regarding the sit-down strike but we are yet to finalise any agreement,” he said.

Mr Sowe said they will call for a press briefing with reporters on Monday 9th January 2023, to inform the public about their position. He earlier informed this medium that the government has responded to their letter which outlined their demands but they accepted only three out of the nine demands and gave technical justification to the rest.

If readers can recall, the Gambia Teachers’ Union (GTU), issued a notice prior to the opening of schools in regions one and six, informing their colleagues and other education personnel across the country, of a nationwide industrial strike.

The strike according to the Union, is as a result of the ‘inconsistency’ in the payment of allowances to Education sector personnel since the introduction of the new salary (pay) scale which reflected the 30% salary increment.

The leadership of the teaching fraternity said it sent nine demands to Government on 20th December 2022, were hoping for the demands to be thoroughly examined and reviewed by the authorities, in order for it to reflect the requirement of the General Orders in respect of such emoluments.

The Union therefore calls on all teachers across the country to stay at their respective homes until their demands are responded to, by the government, and accordingly informed that the attention of the general public, parents and students in particular, is drawn to their action.