Taxi Driver Testifies In Police Shooting Case


By Kemeseng Sanneh (Kexx)

Abdoulie Drammeh, the ninth prosecution witness (PW9) in the ongoing trial of Ousainou Bojang and his sister, on Tuesday testified before Justice Ebrima Jaiteh.

He said he is a taxi driver and a resident of Brikama Nema. He testified that he recognised both Ousainou Bojang and Amie Bojang. 

On how he recognised them, the witness said he was hired for One Thousand, Three Hundred Dalasi (D1300) on a ‘town trip’ by Amie Bojang to take her to Brufut and they picked up Ousainou Bojang. He testified that Ousainou Bojang joined the taxi in Brufut

He recalled that while driving them, Ousainou and his sister Amie Bojang were speaking in the Jola language. On arrival in Brikama, the witness said Ousainou and Amie engaged in a disagreement because the sister wanted them to go to the car park, but Ousainou told her that a policeman advised him not to join gatherings. He said during their discussion, Ousainou and his sister spoke in Mandinka and Wollof.

The witness further testified that Amie Bojang (Ousainou’s sister) then told him to take them to Darsilami and he agreed to take them for One Thousand and Two Hundred Dalasi (D1200). He took them to Darsilami and then stopped at a bicycles’ repair shop.

The witness said Amie Bojang left him in the vehicle together with Ousainou Bojang while she went to look for a motorcycle.  He added that she came back and informed Ousainou that she had agreed with a motorcyclist. While Ousainou alighted and proceeded to the motorcylcle, the witness testified that he drove back to Brikama with Amie Bojang. The witness said Amie Bojang took a 7-passenger vehicle from Brikama to Serrekunda.

The witness stated that he forgot to mention that he related the news circulating that someone killed some policemen to Amie Bojang while on their way to Brufut, but she did not respond.

Under Cross-examination by Senior Counsel Lamin J. Darboe for the first accused person – Ousainou Bojang, the witness admitted that he gave a statement at the police and thumb printed it. The statement dated the 15th of September was admitted in evidence and marked as Exhibit D9.

The witness said he could not understand what Ousainou and the sister discussed in Jola. Counsel Darboe confronted the witness with his written statement where he indicated that Ousainou and the sister were discussing about “Tubab”.

Counsel Sillah for the second accused (Amie Bojang) commenced his Cross-examination of the witness.

The witness said he has 10 years experience as a taxi driver. The witness said he drove the accused person from 10:30 pm to 11 pm, but he could not remember the clothes the accused persons wore.

The case was adjourned to the 3rd of June 2024 for the continuation of cross-examination and further hearing.