Tam 50 Releases hit singles New Debut Album ‘Rumours ’coming out soon


By Mamour M Mbenga

Tam 50 has just released two hit singles entitled ‘’Bulen new yengal’’ and Tripletayakh as the second single which are allTam 50 produced at state of mike records producer Mustic.

“Asalaamu-aleekum, families, friends and my fans in the Gambia and beyond, am still on my music journey working to release an album soon with the support of the two organizing bodies, Ndonngol entertainment and Ouz movement. This time am bringing various pattern or style of performance and producing different types of music genres with multi flavours and varieties in my songs. As I am not set for producing and promoting my new singles for the upcoming album early next year, am calling on the general public, especially my fans that support and contribute a lot towards the development of my music career, much love always to all my fellow Gambian artistes, D.J’s, promoters, producers, fans and the main organizers and the host of the album rumours, Ndonngol Entertainment and my organizing team Ouz movement,” says Tam 50.

The General Manager of Ndonngol entertainment Ousainou Mboob alias uncle Ouswho was a former rapper with the ABC boys in the early 90’s and has been also in Europe for couple of while, Mr. Mboob also explains to Foroyaa art and culture about their plans and promotions towards Tam’s new album entitled rumours.”

“Tam 50 is an artiste that we sign an official contract to produce, promote and manage his music not only in the Gambia but beyond great expectation, we are working with him full time not only our artiste but a blood brother to us.

As from now on, we already completed 80% of his recordings (production) and we released almost two hit tracks for promotions including Tam 50 who is our frontline artiste for our music label as we are already set for a giant promotion having interviews on various radio stations and promotions on the social media. We are working very hard to make sure the 15 tracks album project make history in the music arena and the music label is also working with various artistes like Tobaski, Symbol, Miss Jobis and Ghetto Government from Guinea Conakry. We the Ndonngol Entertainment management team are working collectively towards developing his music career not only producing an album for him’’ Says Mr. Ousainou Mboob.

Tamsir Samba alias Tam 50 is a hip- hop and rap mbalax artiste. Tam 50, a graduate from Ndows High School is a Gambian residing in Bakoteh housing estate. He started doing music in 2007 and later became part of a well-known music group in Bakoteh called B.K city. Tam 50 as a solo artiste was inspired by the renowned American hip-hop star, 50 cent and Eminem. Tam released his first single entitled “chono” life featuring T. Smallz Suso. The song was a hip-hop music produced by Lesley in 2009, same year he released his first debut 14 tracks mix tape entitled “Chono” life. After four years of research and composing songs in 2013, Tam 50 released his first debut album entitled “The Future”.

The 14 tracks of all music genres was launched on the 2 February, 2013, produced by various studios in the Gambia. Tamsir did a lot of compilations and combination with local and international artistes, as he also produced couple of music videos that are mostly played on GRTS and other social websites in the country and beyond. Tam 50 is currently on studies at Stratford College of management (Gambia).

He is working with Ndonngol Entertainment on an album contract agreement; Ndonngol entertainment will be hosting the preparation and promotions of his new album early next year, 2016.