Tallinding South Councillor- Ambulance Promise to Serekunda Health is an Error


By Amadou Manjang

Tallinding South Councillor Karamo Ceesay told Foroyaa that the ambulance promised to Serekunda Health Centre was an error.

This comes just two days after Ceesay denied that the Serekunda Health Centre was not promised any ambulance.

A letter from Kanifing Municipal Council dated on 26th September 2022 invited Serekunda Health Centre officials that they will receive an ambulance on 28th September 2022 from KMC.

The letter further stated that Serekunda Heath Centre was chosen to benefit from the ambulance donation.

‘Your health centre among other public health centres chosen to benefit from the gesture… I write to invite you to attend the event and receive the keys of the ambulance for your health centre,’ the letter stated.

The letter was written by deputy chief executive officer of the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC), Wurra Bah, to Serekunda Health Centre.

In an interview with Foroyaa, Wurra Bah said the ambulances were brought and donated by Ebou Mala Children Charity Foundation under Tallinding Development Ward not KMC.

 ‘The councillor [Karamo Ceesay] is the one behind everything about the ambulances donation,’ Bah said.

Karamo Ceesay said the project is his and he decided which health centres should get an ambulance or not.

He added that the promised made to Serekunda Health Centre was nothing but an error.

He said that the ambulances are given to health centres he has identified which excludes Serekunda Health Center.

However, the PRO of Serekunda Health Centre Committee Ebrima Njie said the letter they received shows that it is KMC that promised them an ambulance.

Njie added that they have even attended the donation ceremony of the ambulance at KMC but they didn’t receive the keys of the promised ambulance.

He said that it is a misinformation that they were not promised any ambulance or that the promised is an error.

He said the Serekunda Health Centre is facing an emergency situation and they want an ambulance to help their patients.

 ‘KMC should live to their expectation and help Serekunda Health Centre,’ he added.