Suspected Genocide Inciter In Police Custody


By Mustapha Jallow

A social media inciter suspect of a Rwanda-like unrest in the Gambia, has been nabbed by the Police.

Lamin Darbo alias Kani Kunda, a 47-year-old Gambian, was arrested by Police detectives after allegedly calling for a Rwanda-like uprising in The Gambia, on a ‘WhatsApp’ social media platform.

Darbo’s arrest comes in the wake of UDP leader Ousainou Darboe’s appeal to the Police, urging for the arrest of a purported supporter who was inciting others to assemble and burn down the country, just like what happened in Rwanda.

The suspect is alleged to have made an audio that went viral on social media, calling on UDP supporters to destroy the country and make it even worse than Rwanda.

Below is a statement from Gambia Police Force after the arrest of Lamin Darbo:

”Officers of the Police Special Investigations Unit on Tuesday 8th December 2021, launched a swift investigation into a viral audio in which a man who later became known as Lamin Darbo alias Kani Kunda, 47, was heard calling for post electoral violence.

“In the viral audio, he was heard calling for people to make explosives and burn the country which resulted in widespread fear and concern among the general public.

”Four other names mentioned as accomplices belonging to the same group called ‘Santamba Kangkilling Kafo’ in Busumbala, in the West Coast Region, were equally arrested and are currently helping the Police in their investigations.”

The Police continued that they wish to once again warn all and sundry that ‘they “will not allow this country to fall into a state of lawlessness, and that any individual or group found wanting, will be dealt with strictly according to Law.”