First, the social media gave the news breakout that the vice president has passed away. Doubts were expressed until the official news confirmed the death at midday on Wednesday. His illness only came to light after he passed away not in The Gambia but in India.

Those who know him expressed that he was a dignified person who was not ready to compromise to indignity; that he was more of a technocrat than a populist character. The silence around his illness raises the question whether a public officer of that statue should be ill and leave the country without any information divulged to the public. Since the nation is in mourning Foroyaa would like to hear the grief and wait for the opportune moment to draw important lessons of statecraft.

Once a person becomes a public servant health development in one’s life that affects the capacity to serve the public should be known to them. In that regard eventuality should not catch the public by surprise. It is anticipated that the Indian government would show solidarity by conducting all the protocols that would facilitate a swift return of the body for burial. Foroyaa will carefully watch how international relation is facilitated when countries have state to state relation that is fit for purpose.