Statement Needed from the Executive on Gas Oil Shortage


Governance is about accountability. The state has to inform the citizenry what is going on. It first started with serious load shedding regarding electricity. Speculation was rife that Karpower had to shut down a generator due to mechanical fault. It took quite a while before Mr Pierre Sylva of Nawec spoke on radio to confirm what was already being spread by the population. This type of information gap at crucial times undermines public confidence in public institutions.

Interestingly enough the seeming shortage of gas oil is posing the same challenge. One is not clear whether the problem lies with a number of stations or is nationwide as Foroyaa receives report after report on shortage from various stations.

It is therefore important for the state to be the first informer of the population on all issues of national concern. A state that waits for the media to find out the causes of problems cannot be seen to be proactive. Such a state cannot do away with rumours. We hope that the public will be informed what is responsible for the present gas oil shortage.