State to Provide Lawyer for Alleged Murderer Arona Tine


By Kemeseng Sanneh (KEXX)

Justice Ebrima Jaiteh of the Banjul High Court has passed an order directing the National Agency for Legal Aid (NALA) to represent Arona Tine, the alleged murderer of a staff of a forex bureau in Westfield, Kanifing Municipality.

The prosecution alleged that the accused person on the 19th of January 2024 at Westfield stabbed one Fatoumatta Kargbo in the chest with a knife which resulted in her death. 

Arona Tine had earlier informed the court that he could get a lawyer to represent him in the case.

In the last adjourned date Justice Jaiteh told the accused person that he was charged with a very serious crime (murder) which requires him either to get a lawyer on his own or for the State to provide him with one. He was given a week to conclude his discussion with the lawyer he claimed he was talking to. Yesterday, he informed the court that he could not have a lawyer. This was when the Judge ordered NALA to represent him.

The case was adjourned till 22 April 2024.