Section 77 of the Constitution makes it a requirement for the President of the Republic to address the nation on the policies of his government and the general administration of the state. This was wrongly called state opening of parliament and now rightly called state of the nation address.

As the president prepares to address the nation on the 27th June 2024, one would expect remarks on the progress of the constitution building process. Readers would recall that the president did promise that a referendum will be held on the subject matter before the end of 2024.

Secondly the OIC summit is behind us. It is expected that the objects of the summit would be highlighted, the expenditures on the various projects teased out and what has been implemented put in the public space while outlining what is left to be done.

Thirdly, it is expected that the president would review the situation of the economy and indicate all the achievements and shortcomings. The farmers currently are facing hardship and the rainy season is at sight. What government had done in the last season and ought to be done this season should be highlighted. Certainty is what the nation is expected in the state of the nation address.