Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Stand-off in Gambisara Caste System Wrangle


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By Lamin Fatty  

Factions in the Gambisara caste issue were called to for questioning at the Basse Police Station.

Speaking to this reporter, Banja Touray of the so called ‘slave’ faction said the dispute has been ongoing in Gambisara for quite some time now, but the matter had never reached the Basse Police Station. Touray said the tension escalated at the end of a football tournament that was ongoing in the village; that one of the two remaining teams at the finals bore the name “GAMBANAXU” meaning oneness and equality, which the so called ‘freeborn’ faction did not want. Touray said the freeborn faction from Alkali Kunda were not pleased with this name with one of the teams, because it is an international organization that fights against domestic slavery in society, and advocates for oneness and equality within the Soninke community in the sub-region.

A representative of the Alkalo said they do not want to hear such kind of names in the village of Gambisara; that the name of the group is not welcome in Gambasara. He said this was the reason the matter was first reported to the Bagadagi Police Station. Banja Touray said they were called to the said Police Station, where their statements were taken; that the Police told them to reschedule the football finals and whenever the new date is fixed, the Police should be notified, which they did; that the new date that was fixed was 18th January 2019.

Touray said before the finals, the “GAMBANAXU” team printed many T-shirts for their fans; that upon seeing the T-shirts, the same representative from the so called ‘freeborn’ faction, went to report this again to Basse Police Station, were they were asked to report. When approached for comments, the representative from the so called ‘freeborn’ faction said he will not speak to the Press for now. However, no arrest or detention was made by the Police from both sides and the office of the Commissioner of Police was able to forge a dialogue between the two factions involving some regional authorities.

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