Stakeholders at the Daral appeal for cancellation of eviction order


By Mustapha Jallow Dealers in cattle and other animals have appealed to the government not to proceed Daralwith their decision evict them from the Daral just opposite the abattoir at Abuko. The appeal was made through this paper at the Daral yesterday, 28 May. It came a day after the broadcasting of a press release emanating from the office of the president by the state owned GRTS, indicating that dealers in cattle and other animals at the Abuko Abattoir will be evacuated. Dealers in cattle and other animals were seen as usual busy moving in and out to buy bulls and goats. The President of the Abuko Daral, Alagi Kebba Jobe said they are not aware of the information that they should leave the Daral. He added that the authorities didn’t issue a statement to them; adding that is news to him because, he said, when the authorities announce issues concerning them they normally bring some documents to them but that so far they have not received anything. The clerk of the President, Mrs. Kaddy Bah said that evacuating them from Abuko will result to businesses making losses. “They should not just come and tell us to move immediately without any notification letter brought to us, this will affect our businesses, our clients and the country as well,” stressed the clerk. A cattle seller also noted that they’re traumatized by the sudden news that they should move from Abuko. He said they have done a lot for the government of the Gambia; adding that they have also been supplying animals on credit some of which are not paid yet. He urged the authorities to understand their situation because some of them are family heads and it will affect their businesses. A client who came to buy a goat said that this news is horrible. He said that they depend on the Abuko Daral when the Ramadan comes; opining that the state shouldn’t evict them from the Daral because it is the busiest place in the country and it will help the economy. They all appealed to the head of state of the Gambia to allow them stay at Abuko because they have been doing business at the Daral for almost 19 years now. The Daral is a busy place for the sale of animals, especially as Tobasky approaches.]]>