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SSHFC Staff On Sit Down Strike


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Members of staff of the Social Security Housing and Finance Corporation (SSHFC) yesterday 5 July 2018, commenced a sit down strike.

Mr. Momodou Camara the staff representative on the SSHFC Board said at a meeting with the staff yesterday that their wish is for the impasse that is happening at the corporation to end but unfortunately, he said, the Board didn’t act on the petition they wrote against the Managing Director.

Camara said that, as a staff representative in the Board, he attended a Board meeting on Wednesday July 4, 2018 at the Ocean Bay Hotel and Resort, but that on the initiative of the Managing Director, Mr Manjang, the agenda was changed. He said he told the Board that the petition against Mr Manjang dealt with allegations of mismanagement of office, nepotism, favouritism, per-diem fraud and exploiting the space and vacuum left by lack of a board to promote his agendas. He added that he told the board members at the meeting that he was not there for his individual self but for the entire staff of SSHFC and that if he’s thrown out just to victimize his membership, it will not do well with the staff.

Camara further said that, he called for a general staff meeting to brief them about what had happened at the board meeting.

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He pleaded to the government to do something regarding their petition for justice to prevail at the corporation. That’s all they seek, Camara said. The Staff of the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC), have petitioned the Office of the President against the Managing Director, calling for his sacking because of allegations of abuse of office and corrupt practices levelled against him. When the staff marched to state house last week Tuesday for an answer to their petition they were told that by last week Thursday they will have an answer.

At yesterday’s meeting the staff agreed to embark on sit down strike effective today, until Mr Manjang vacates his position as their Managing Director.

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