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SSHFC Staff decry suspension of their Board Rep.


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By Nelson Manneh

Staff of Social Security Housing and Finance Cooperation (SSHFC) yesterday the 23rd of August, 2018 expressed their disaffection with the suspension a staff member, Mr. Modou Camara, who serves as the staff representative at the board level.

SSHFC Staff members

Mr. David Gomez a senior staff of SSHFC said the problem between the staff of the SSHFC and the Managing Director (MD) Mr Manjang has been going on for the past six months or so and what they are more concerned about this time is the issuing of a suspension letter to one of the staff who they have chosen to represent them at the level of the board.

He said this has raised an alarm because if, Modou Camara, their voice at the board level, is suspended for three months who is going to take charge and represent them?

“Earlier on we wrote a petition as a staff body and Modou Camara was not the one who wrote the petition, he was just the staff representative and not necessarily doing everything on our behalf. When this petition was taken to the executive we were told to stay calm and investigation will be taking place with regard of the whole thing,” he said.

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Mr. Gomez added that the letter issued to Modou Camara is an insult to the whole staff body because they elected Modou Camara to represent them at the board level. “And if somebody is elected to do so why should he be penalized for such?” he retorted.

“What have we done for us to be subjected to all this torture? The suspension letter is not clear because it just indicates that ‘I am being directed’ but is not specific. Though it is signed by the Director of HR we cannot say directly who wrote it,” he said.

He queried: “The allegations made against the MD is yet to be proven either right or wrong, so why are they issuing suspension letters?”

Mr. Kebba Touray another staff member said that the authorities are aware of the issue at hand and should intervene to see how best to solve it.

“For us at our level we have been doing what they asked us to do but there is no progress,” he noted.

He added that they are still waiting.

The staff in their numbers could be seen standing saying that if Modou Camara is to be suspended then all of them have to go because he has not done anything to harm the Corporation. They called for the matter to be given urgent attention.

This reporter was informed by the staff that the Managing Director is on leave while the HR Director who signed the letter was out. Foroyaa will endeavour to get his views on the matter.

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