The people of The Gambia, Africa and the world must never be confused about change. The republic is a state where sovereignty resides in the people. It is those same people who have the right to bring about change. When the military think about change it is a coup d’état.

Alpha Conde should have respected the two term limit instead of changing the constitution to extend his mandate. When he did that he lost the confidence of the people and that of the security forces that were responsible for safeguarding his rule. Since the security forces are in control of military might he cannot survive staying in power when they remove their military power in supporting him. This is what has happened in Guinea. Self perpetuating rule cost him his integrity and his office. The military should call a national conference involving all to determine when it is realistic to hold elections and set up a transitional government of national unity consisting of all Guineans. This should be standard practice when a betrayer betrays his country. On the other hand if the coup plotters don’t pursue a transitional path they also will become betrayers of the republic. To establish a government against the consent of the people is to impose their will on the people. Hence the people must not welcome quasi-monarchs as defenders of the republic and defenders of the people.