Friday, July 30, 2021

Should There Be Trial By Media?


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Trials are not meant to be one-sided or prejudicial. It starts from the presumption of innocence and extends to giving the person all the opportunity necessary to prepare for a hearing.

What is becoming common in The Gambia is for associations and individuals rising up to create protest movements and condemn individuals before they are tried and convicted by a court of law. The long arm of justice should be allowed to gather evidence so that litigants can prove their cases beyond reasonable doubt or on the balance of probability.

We therefore hope that those who claim to be human rights defenders will not set aside the rules and pass judgment before evidence is adduced from the accused and their accusers. They should show a bright example in showing that even the accused person has rights which should be protected until he/she pleads or is proven guilty. Trial by media is mob justice which should not be entertained by any reputable media establishment.

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