Should Gambian youth be dragged into a war of insults by political demagogues?



This is the time for decision making regarding the future of the country.  This is not an era for idle minds. This is the time for critical minds capable of apprehending the unalloyed truth. This is the time for debate on issues of relevance to the people

There are of course people with idle minds who have shown hatred for self, hatred for origin and hatred for quality reasoning and decent lifestyle that knows no impurity. Such evil-minded son and daughters   of humanity judge people not by quoting their words and deeds, but based on the issues they fabricate as a byproduct of the figment of their own imagination. This is why when they are allowed to build up their castle of fabrication higher and higher, everything crashes at the right time when they are engaged like feather in thin air.

Such people are in the situation they find themselves today because of their acceptance to be tools for position or monetary gain. They are still pinpricks who are driven by interest to stab and bite to inflict pain like the sadist always does to be at ease with themselves. They are only capable of living with themselves if they bring others to their levels of licentiousness.

They spent their days and nights fighting causes that have no bearing in ending human suffering and destitution or tell people how poverty could be fought to eradicate hunger and build a political environment where love of country and people would prevail.

They are trained on being administrative mercenaries who are willing to take the frontlines in attacking foreign powers, castigating people because of their own inadequacies and fighting with emotion because of the bareness of their own conceptions. Hiding behind faiths whose ethical foundation of tolerance, humility and serenity they derail in words and deeds and end up being Pariahs of the human race by living for nothing and dying for nothing. NOISE ! NOISE ! NOISE!

Empty cymbal that is hollow in the middle makes the loudest noise. A shell without kernel cannot bear the fruits of knowledge and values fit to nourish the mind and heart.  A person who speaks without thinking will always   say what he does not mean and always mean what he does not say. Such people live a life vomiting and eating what they vomit. They need mercy and salvation not anger and spite .They should only be disarmed at the right moment to stop them from spreading mischief on the face of the earth.