By Madiba Singhateh A shop owner at Churchill Town along the Serekunda-Brikama highway has Uncollected garbagecomplained about a pile of garbage that is left uncollected in front of his shop since the ‘Set Settal’ on Saturday. Mr. Jobe said this is not the first time that garbage is dumped there blocking the entrance to his shop. “Every time there is a ‘Set Settal’ people in the area use the front of my shop as a dump site where all sorts of rubbished are piled and which would stay there uncollected for days,” he complained. He said apart from driving customers away because of the stench, the garbage is also posing a threat to their health. Mr. Jobe revealed that sometimes he would even pay for the removal of the garbage when the Council’s cleansing service fails to come and collect it. Another resident of the area confirmed that they always face the situation of uncollected garbage after every ‘Set Settal’ exercise. “Once the waste is dumped at this place on Saturday, it invites people to continue dumping their rubbish at the same palce, especially at night,” he lamented. A pedestrian also commented on the pile of rubbish which, she said, is blocking the footpath along the highway. They called on the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) to expedite the collection of the garbage from their area in order to safeguard their health and facilitate access to their shops and compounds.    ]]>