SeyiiTolof – Part 81 EPISODE 7 (Difficult Marriages – Taking the other Spouse for Granted)


By Amie Sillah

Susan Sasum a wonderful wife who has sacrificed every aspect of her life being of service to husband and children. When the family status rises up from middle to upper class Kenneth Kenbugul asked her to leave her executive job and devote all her time and energies to raising their three kids Sanou, Solo and Dadoo.
“I’ll double your executive salary; would you do it for the family?” Ken begged.
“Everything for our family, the first priority in my life.” He swept her off the ground and gave her passionate lip kisses.
Her childhood friend and classmate Lolly (Laila) discouraged her.
“Don’t leave your executive job, these men are not worth it even if you are earning few dalasi is better than staying at home and receiving millions from your spouse; what about if he should change his mind and you lost everything?” Lolly asked.
“Ken is sweet he would never do such a thing to me, be optimistic for once.” Sasum chided her friend.
“Well, your mouth is smelly can only be uttered by a true sister, don’t say I did not warn you, Che did try it but did not succeed; my parents sent me to school to be useful to myself, my family and society at large, no man would make me leave my profession for family.” Lolly emphasized.
An interesting episode! How did the two friends fare in their families? An interesting episode, exciting and thrilling,


At Susan’s Home
She calls the kitchen her office since she left her executive job to totally devote her time, energy in looking after her husband and raising up their three lovely kids.
“Ken is ‘get naa hand’ he does not eat stale food.” She sololiqued.
She cooked lots of fresh food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She does monthly shopping of fresh food from the farmers’ market.

Kenneth Kenbugul
He arrives home and Sue welcomes him. She took his briefcase and coat and carried it to his room.
“How was work today?” She asked.
“Hectic as any other day. Where is my food?” He asked.
“Will be ready in few seconds.”
Ken sighed and grumbled; he is frustrated and sulky.
“It is a long preparation and very hectic and moreover it is my monthly shopping, sorting out things, the laundry, cooking you have to understand.” Sue explained.
Ken became impatient.
“Get my food and stop whining.” Pacing up and down;
“I provide all the needs of the family, you are not working, what is the difficulty to be a house wife?”
“It is not easy for me either and you have to understand.
She brought in Water melon juice and he queried;
“What is this?” He asked.
“Water melon juice!”
Didn’t I tell you? I want Mango juice!”
“I told you Mango juice is seasonal.”
“Take it out of my sight!” He scolded her.
Sue cried hysterically. She is depressed.
“Food is ready.” She told him.
He tasted it and asked;
“is it stale food, because you know that Ken, the CEO of Gampetro and Gas does not eat stale food?”
“Did I ever serve you stale food throughout our marriage?”
“When did you prepare it?”
“It is beans, I have to soak, wash, and dry it before grinding and finally steaming it to make ‘olele’, it finished just about 30 mins ago and remember I wake up at 04.00 a.m.”
“What are you preparing for lunch?” He asked.
“Today is ‘findidomoda’ goat meat light soup for lunch and ‘churagerte’ with sour milk for supper.”
“Stop whining and be the good house wife you opted for and if you are not happy to be house wife give way because there are many babes out there who are dying to become Mrs. Kenneth Bah, there are many fishes in the ocean ready to jump into my net.” He bluffed.
“Whatever! “He sulked and left.
Sue felt rejected and dejected.
“What have I not done for this insensitive beast?” She wept bitterly playing a melancholy melody to reflect her state of mind.

Coming back Home
Ken queried when he needs to have quality time with his wife.
“Your role as my wife does not end at the kitchen you know!”
“I have to tidy up for tomorrow to lessen the drudgery.”
“You want to come to bed tired? I want you now!”
“Why do you want to torment me Ken? I feed your friends every Sunday and they left dirty plates about which I have to cleanup.”
“I am not complaining!”
“But I am, I need help.”
He got agitated.
“To cook for me? Take care of me?” He would not hear of it.
“I’ll do the cooking, just to help in the tidy up.”
“Why go over it again? I am not going to discuss it.”
“I am tired of being a slave in my own house; I’ve lost my self esteem, no longer the woman I used to be, look at my hair unkempt. I was never like this before until your family rose in class status.”
Ken got excited and hurled insults and curses at her.
“You are jealous of our family ingrate? Let’s go to bed!”
“Let me finish tidying up!” She begged but he dragged her to bed and has his good time and slept peacefully thereafter.
Sue is depressed and wept bitterly in the one way affair.

Lolly’s Family
She is Sue’s best pal and classmate from nursery to university and their husbands are also friends before marriage to the friends.
LailaLolly is the type who has her profession first and she ensures Chernor get that notion before marriage.
“Let’s have it straight Che, my profession is first I am from a struggling family and the ‘Taaw’ (first born) for that matter. I’ve struggled very hard to be a graduate and now a middle manager at a major bank; I‘ll get a good house help preferably a literate to help our kids in their studies, take care of the home and your needs while I pursue the highest height that my profession can give me. Do you agree?”
“Why not since it is for the betterment of the family? I totally agree sweetheart; I am unlike my friend who would not hear of it and your friend agreed. Anyway it is their life who am I to complain?”
To Be Cont.