Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 15 (Difficult Marriages – Story 2)


By Amie Sillah The Gold Digger Baani is a ‘boy heejan’ (dandy boy) he ‘sweet tongues’ ladies of all classes and wraps them all; he hails from a poor family of peasant origin who migrated to the urban area in search of greener pastures. Both parents died in poverty leaving behind two siblings and he happens to be the elder brother; he has fended for both of them since their teenage years through struggle (Raba Raba). His life turned around when he met Jahanke a rich, responsible girl who loves him with a passion; Jaha was discouraged by friends and relatives. “Don’t fall for him Jaha, Baa is a liar, cheat, heart breaker, he will only show you ‘pepper’ and not ‘honey’.” They advised but Jaa would not budge her heart is already won by Baa. Baa bragged over it. “Am I not the greatest? A Billionaire daughter has fallen for me and I’ll make the best out of it.” He bragged to friends and family. Jahanke She is simple and down to earth from a rich family, an academia of high calibre. But she made a bad choice according to public opinion to fall for a tramp in the name of ‘love is blind’. But she defended herself. “He is my choice and I don’t care what people think or talk about it; back off!” She snapped. “’Lii Duneen’ (not natural, the use of black assurance)”, gossip reasoned. Jaha is the only girl in a family of three; her brothers studied and lived abroad with their spouses. She is daddy’s girl who lost mom at birth and the more reason why dad dotted on her. When she brought Baa home dad queried her choice of a fiancé but she defended him. “He is my choice dad and you have to trust my judgment for now until it turns otherwise.” “Fair enough! But you know you are daddy’s girl right? In you I visualize my late wife, my mentor and my friend. Since her death I got married only after my kids became off age. Now daddy’s girl just be careful is my candid advice and give me one year to assess your man.” The duo agreed on the proposal but it was uncomfortable for Baa but he has no choice but to succumb. Prof Gaalandou Joof He is religious and philanthropist, a family man very passionate about his only daughter Jahabut as a single parent he taught her humility, perseverance and responsibility. He did not approve of Baa but was also mindful not to hurt his daughter and not to have a preconceived mind about the young man. He convinced his daughter to give the courtship one year to enable him assess Jaa’s fiancé. Baani He went to his close associates and bragged about the proposal. “I’ll be rich in a year’s time according to my daddy in law’s proposal.” His associates looked at each other and heckled. The Gossip    When he left they gossiped about him. “Is he telling the truth?” Alhassan asked Burang his younger sibling. Burang “I can’t tell because Baa always gives fairy tales. But this time around let us give him the benefit of the doubt as he looks more serious and pray for his success.” The Marriage It was the marriage of the century well talked about for many years to come; was the pomp and show worth it? Time will tell. Bonuses Prof kept to his word. He asked the couple to follow him. The surprises He took them to a big mansion and they were very surprised as the couple looked at each other. Prof gave the keys to Baa. “This is your marriage gift from the Joofen Family.” The couple was overwhelmed. “Wow!” They hugged each other and hugged Prof. “Thank you dad! We love you.” “I love you too but what is more important is your marriage vows; ‘for better for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and good health, until death do us part; that’s what I expect from you, I married my first wife for 25 years before she passed on.” More Surprises Prof took the couple and showed them a family jeep. They gasped. “This is your utility car to run your errands and I wish you well.” He took his cheque book and drew a sum of D10,000,000 (million) dalasi. “This is seed money grant to start a lucratic business of your choice, your wife has Masters in Management and Company law please utilize her services; she is also the CEO of my conglomerate and I am the Chairman.” The Couple “What can we say daddy but a big thank you and God bless you?” Baa He drove the jeep and went to show it to his friends and younger sibling. The Reaction “Didn’t I tell you? But just a few believed me! I am now a rich guy.” He showed them the cheque and photo of the mansion. The Advice Alhassan “Am I not your best pal?” He told him a proverb. “’Kuu Yalla Tachul Sofechut Dofechati’ (When Allah claps for you if you don’t dance you’ll never again have the opportunity.) Don’t disappoint your wife and daddy in law, especially Jahanke, she chooses you among the multitude and vouch for your character when everyone branded you a liar, cheat, heart breaker and a gold digger, I don’t backbite I advise you. Take it or leave it.” Baa “Thank you my good friend and I do appreciate your candid advice and will also find you a rich girl to uplift your life, what about that?” Alhassan “Thanks, but no thanks; I am contented with my fiancée Jabbou who is from a poor family but focused and pursuing a career just like myself pursuing a Law degree. Money is not everything and should be demystified; it is people who create wealth and not the other way round. Just take my advice and uplift your life, you are not fortunate with education even though your wife is in academia, take your chance and make good use of your life. Good bye and good luck.” Burang He is an undergraduate studying Management and Economics but his brother refuses to sponsor him. Baa He tried to discourage his brother from academic pursuit. “University is very expensive, come and join my business and I’ll pay you more than a graduate’s salary. Look at me, I stopped at Secondary Technical; let me employ you and also find you a rich girl to hook on. We have to escape poverty which is a curse, look how we were deprived when we were young!” He advised. Did he quit academic pursuit? Continue reading. To be Cont.    ]]>

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