Serekunda West NAM Expresses Confidence of Re-election


By Amadou Manjang

Madi Ceesay, the National Assembly Member for Serekunda West constituency, said he is confident that he will retain his seat in the upcoming parliamentary election.

Mr. Ceesay said he will seek re-election until he is ill or his party does not endorse him for the election.

His party, the United Democratic Party (UDP), was defeated by Nation People’s Party (NPP) in the 4 December, 2021 presidential election.

Ceesay said he will retain his parliamentary seat despite his party defeat in his constituency.

‘Because I am not contesting against the president. And in fact, all the presidential candidates who contested in the December 4th are not from my constituency,’ he said.

Ceesay argued that since none of the presidential candidates comes from Serekunda West, he remains the favourite candidate in his constituency.

‘I am currently the seating Member of Parliament in Serekunda West and of course I am on preparation for re-election. And I am confident I will win my seat,’ he said.

He further stated that he will only contest in the parliamentary election if his party endorse his candidature.

Madi Ceesay is the parliamentary member for Serekunda West. He was elected under the flag of United Democratic Party in 2016.