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risks involved and these young people have seen their fellow youths die at sea while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to get to Europe. A lot of sensitization has been conducted to dissuade youths from attempting to venture such risky journeys, but such sensitization mostly fall on deaf ears.All they understand is they have to live decent lives and not left to rot in unemployment, abject poverty and degradation. Lacking employment or a decent income to fend for their families or parents transforms them into ‘no bodies’ who lack respect and dignity within their families and communities. This is what preoccupies their minds and motivate them to venture the risky journey to Europe by hook or crook.The solution to the “back way” is actually rooted right here in Africa. Once there is economic prosperity for most Africans, the back way will become a thing of the past. Employment and income will be generated by developing the productive base of the economy and guarantee the equitable distribution of resources.The “back way” phenomenon is a concern for both Europe and Africa and the two have to work together for its eradication. Strictly guarding the borders alone cannot solve the problem.  ]]>

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