Senegalo-Gambian Permanent Secretariat Ambassador Explains border issue


Ambassador Douada Salla Diop  of the Senegalo-Gambian PermanentSenegalo-Gambian
Secretariat has elucidated on their visit to the border settlements
of Tranquil and Touba.
Ambassador Diop did the explanation in an interview with this reporter
at his office in Cape Point on Wednesday 16 September 2015.Ambassador Diop said a joint team of the Senegalese/Gambian Boundary
Commission has been working to solve this border problem for some time
now. He however admitted that the work has not been rapid “due to some
circumstances” which he did not disclose. He noted that the Joint
Border Commission will soon meet, draw plans and come up with possible
solutions, such as putting identification pegs at the boundary
settlements of Tranquil and Touba.
Ambassador Diop said the Secretariat chairs the meeting of the Joint
Commission which is an organ of the secretariat.
“Each country has its own independent border commission comprising
different institutions or departments of the country. Gambia has its
own Border Commission as well as Senegal and these border commissions
also come together to form the Joint Border Commission which is an
organ of the secretariat,” he disclosed.
Ambassador Diop, said he does not see the Tranquil border issue as a
problem but that it is rather a concern.
He explained that the Senegalo-Gambian Secretariat is a neutral
institution that has the concern of both countries. He added that this
is why they (as representatives of the institution) have been visiting
the borders at Tranquil and Touba, and are conversant with the opinion
and concerns of the people on the ground.
Ambassador Diop said their visit last week to the border
settlements of Tranquil and Touba Darussalam was the second of its kind. He said
what they saw is that people living within that area are all living in
harmony; adding the youths in the area attend each other’s programmes
irrespective of their nationality.
The Ambassador said they have talked to both authorities in the
security forces and it is quite clear that it is not necessary to go
to those areas with arms especially guns. He emphasized that the
important point is that the peoples of the two countries are the same
and share the same culture. He said that does not mean that each of
the countries’ sovereignty would not be respected.
Ambassador Diop said the Basic principle of the Secretariat is, ‘a
shared home for peace, security and development.’
The interview was conducted in the presence of Ambassador Sheriff Abba
Sanyang, Deputy Executive Secretary Senegalo-Gambian Permanent