Senegal, Gambia aim to streamline customs Cooperation


By Mustapha Jallow

A high-level delegation from Senegalese Customs recently engaged in crucial discussions with the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) in Banjul.

The talks, led by Senegal’s Director General of Customs, Dr. Mbaye NDIAYE, and GRA’s Commissioner General, Yankuba Darboe, centered on bolstering cooperation and overcoming challenges at their shared borders.

During the visit, both administrations expressed their commitment to fostering mutual assistance, cooperation and brotherhood between the two customs institutions. The dialogue marked a pragmatic shift in the implementation of common agreements, with concrete and joint actions identified for immediate implementation. These actions aim to enhance the facilitation of movements of people and goods while improving the security of the logistics chain.

Yankuba Darboe, GRA’s Commissioner General, welcomed Dr. NDIAYE’s decision to make The Gambia his first official visit, emphasizing the importance of building strong structures for lasting legacies. He assured full GRA support for the Senegalese DG’s vision, highlighting the need for swift resolution of border tensions arising from business transactions.

DG Darboe said; “I want to assure you that the GRA is committed to building a strong working relationship with you.

Dr. Mbaye Ndiaye, the Senegalese Customs DG, echoed his commitment to close collaboration, addressing challenges hindering businesses at the Senegambia border. He emphasized the need to move beyond rhetoric and take advantage of the fruitful relationship between the two countries’ heads of states.

“We should not just stop talking and visiting each other – we should seize the moment and reinforce the relationship and build a strong foundation that will last forever,” Dr. Ndiaye stated.

He revealed plans to establish two bureaus of controls in both countries, facilitating remote control of transactions and regular information exchange. Dr. Ndiaye extended a special invitation to GRA to visit Senegal.

Essa Jallow, Deputy Commissioner of GRA, praised the positive relationship between the two countries and expressed optimism that the Senegalese DG’s visit signaled a renewed hope for enhanced cooperation.

Alhagie Mbye, Commissioner of Customs for GRA, reiterated the importance of building a robust relationship and expressed confidence in the implementation of protocols for the common good of both nations.