Constitutions that establish two term limit are designed to put an end to the monarchical system of having a ruler for life. Consequently, each president serves no more than two terms. This enables the people to have a new leadership at least in every ten years.

Unfortunately, in many countries where there is a term limit the outgoing presidents are undermining the term limit by putting in place their successors, thus perpetuating themselves in office through the back door.

This however can only happen in a county where the people are the followers of government irrespective of who is at the helm.

Senegal however is a test case. Since the departure of President Abdou Joof in the year 2000, Senegal has had two presidents in hotly contested elections which witnessed the overshadowing of the ruling party both in the presidential and National Assembly elections.

In the coming election the former ruling party PDS will not even have a candidate of its own to lead a coalition. It is therefore a big challenge for the current ruling party as its leaders confront their opponents.

Nomination is now history. Many prominent candidates have been rejected and all these candidates will be seeking to join. Coalition politics is going to define the end result of the election in Senegal.

Foroyaa is monitoring the days before the polls to determine which forces are going to be at work to shape the dynamics of the 2024 presidential election in Senegal. We will keep the readers informed.