Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Senegal and Gambia summit, Has the National Assembly a role to play?


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A summit was held by the Presidents of The Gambia and Senegal on Saturday, 14th March 2020. The summit concluded with a joint communique inzdicating agreement on:

implementing the roadmaps with specific deadlines, notably in the following areas:

1. Defence, Security, Border Management and Environmental Protection

2. Economic Exchanges, Free Movement of people and goods (integration, trade, customs, transport, fisheries and Consular Affairs).

What is not clear is whether the road maps entails an implementation regime of already existing agreements between the two regimes or are concerns with agreements to be signed in the future.

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Foroyaa will publish the communique verbatim to enable our readers to have a clearer view on what is agreed. It is important for the government and public to note that section 79 of the Constitution empowers the President to conduct relations with other states and international organisations which include negotiations and conclusion of treaties and other international agreements subject to ratification by the National Assembly. Foroyaa will follow what is agreed upon and highlight the concerns of the public.

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