Sedition And Treason And The Attorney General


Sedition and treason have always been seen as crimes that require the fiat of the Attorney General before subjecting a suspect to trial.

Since sedition and treason are crimes to relating to the possible disruption of public order the charges associated with them should not be lightly preffered.  

A stable state should be able to distinguish serious threat to public order and those who fall within the tale of the fox and the sour grape. Since grape is sweet if the fox says that it is sour it must be that it cannot climb to eat it.

A government must also distinguish those who are capable of overthrowing and those who use words to express legitimate or misguided grievances.

A society is   best served by leaders who measure their words before uttering them. A leader with maturity and integrity must be prepared to be an example in word and deed to those who look up to him or her. Inflammatory and defamatory words are not in line with the ethics of the political life of democratic society.  Hence those who use them should be properly sanctioned by their peers to bring them into conformity with acceptable norms and standards of a democratic society. Withdrawing ill-conceived words and expressing regret for misguided actions are the weapons utilised to provide remedy to such ills.