Security Starts With You


No human being is a giant. The person who takes a knife and kill another could also go to sleep no matter how powerful and be caught in his sleep and be stabbed to death. A person who takes a gun and rob another person could also be robbed by another person carrying a gun. A person who stabbed another could also be stabbed. Since none is immune to stabbing all human beings are vulnerable and need common protection. This is why security of the human person is a common concern.

A society that protects all is the type of society that would allow each to realise their fullest potential without falling into any harm. If we are to create greater security, we must stop mystifying or demonizing robbers or killers, but see them as our next-door neighbours who have decided to act in an un-neighbourly manner and thus transform themselves into social outcasts who would have to hide their deeds. Such people would express regret at the wrong time when they realise that life is more precious than material things and that living by killing and robbery leads to self- hate and low self -esteem. A person who lives that way must find it difficult to face themselves, their families and their neighbours.

Security starts with each individual. Protect yourself by posing harm to no other person. In that way all will be protected. If you harm others, you should be assured that you will go into hiding and be hunted down like a wild animal or will sooner or later suffer harm in the hand of fellow conspirators. Such a life is not worth living.