Thursday, December 7, 2023

Security Offices Should Be Built By The State


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Security officers should not be susceptible to any external influence. They should owe allegiance, obedience and adherence to the Constitution and protect both country and people.

Vehicle, electricity supply, bunkers and Communication sets are indispensable to offices of those responsible for immigration and border control.

Army encampments should be stationed within reasonable distance to serve as security reinforcement in case of danger.

Those who are to secure the people and territory of the Gambia must work as a team with a sense of love of country and people.

A security force could only be strong if its members are bound by a sense of mission and if there is no tendency of any form of discrimination or favouritism. Above all they should develop a sense of neutrality to the parochial interests in society which are often riddled with conflicts. Hence offers from business concerns which may lead to the branding of security forces should always be channelled in a way that would not lead to stigmatisation. 

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