Scorpions’ Deputy Captain Hints They Will Stick To Tactical Discipline Despite Gambians’ Disapproval


By Momodou Jarju

Omar Colley, the deputy captain of the senior Scorpions, has hinted in an interview with the press after their game with Mali, that they will maintain the tactical discipline they have manifested at the Afcon finals so far despite lack of appreciation of that method from Gambians.

The Gambia are among two debutants and the lowest-ranked team in the continental flagship tournament. Arguably seen as underdogs in the football showpiece, the Scorpions have won their opening game against Mauritania and drew 1-1 against Mali to top Group F with identical points and goals with Mali.

The Scorpions were dominated on possession by their counterparts in both matches, playing a low block and depended on counterattacks to punish their opponents if they made a mistake. So far, it has worked.

Colley is cognizant of the fact that some Gambians back home may not be happy with the style of play they are displaying despite producing good results. But he said they have to respect the tactics and if they continue that way, they can go far in the tournament.   

“Normally, the Gambians don’t like the way we play, but we qualify with the same tactics. We don’t control, moreover the weather here is terrible, it’s hard,” he explained. “Even though Gambians don’t appreciate this, this is The Gambia and this is how we qualified. So, we will stick to this whether they like it or not but not everybody who is going to appreciate the way we play, but we will continue like this.”

Speaking further, the Sampdoria defender said every game is a final for them and they have shown great character and worked as a team throughout. He said they wanted to win against Mali but they got a point which may take them far in the tournament.

“We all know on paper they (Mali) are better than us. But for us what we know we know. We try to keep together, play team work. Whenever you have team work I think there would be no team that would ever beat you. So, we did great.

“We have 4 points. Maybe next game we will come with a different tactical approach. So, we will see game by game. Tunisia is going to be a different game but we will still stick together to the same tactical discipline and try to be better and better and better,” Colley said.