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Scattred Janneh Called For Questioning


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By Louise Jobe / Hatab Nyang            

Dr. Ahmed Scrattered Janneh, the erstwhile Minister of Information during the regime of ex- President Yaya Jammeh, was called for questioning at Gunjur Police Station on Thursday 29th March 2018, by the SIS.

Speaking to this medium, Dr. Janneh said he was called together with some of his people, at Gunjur Police Station about the Golden Lead Factory’s pipe that they unearthed; that what he told them was when the pipe was being removed, the PIU were present; that before the removal of the pipe, they had series of meetings with the Factory and their lawyers, the National Environment Agency (NEA), the Ministry of Environment and their own Lawyers. DR. Janneh further said that the NEA took the Factory to court and the case was eventually withdrawn for an out of court settlement part of which was for the pipes to be removed; that for several months now, this has not happened and the pollution of the environment still continued; that this was why they gave the Factory a seven day ultimatum for them to remove the pipe or else the youths of Gunjur will remove it themselves; that the people are not concerned about charges but about the degradation of their environment, which he said was their livelihood.

Dr. Janneh said the SIS are doing their investigations; that when completed they are willing to face any charges brought against them, in defence of their community. He further said that some African Leaders are taking investors from Chinese Companies, Grants and Loans from the Chinese Government, as a license to allow them to do anything in their countries; that Gunjur as a community will not allow any irresponsible investor to destroy their livelihood; that it is true they need employment and income but not to the detriment of their health and well-being and will do everything to stop such; that they will not relent to take the matter to any Court, even the ECOWAS Court, and said that they are ready to answer to the police at any given time. Dr. Janneh said that as at now the youth of Gunjur have mobilised themselves to monitor the movement of trucks and are paying attention to the pollution of their environment by going to the beach; that anything unusual and detrimental to the environment, will meet a fitting response from the Youth of Gunjur.

Bunama Jatta a native of Gunjur, said they are the ones who removed the waste pipes of the Fishmeal Factory from the sea because it is destroying their environment; that swimming within the vicinity of the pipe is not safe for them because of the itching complaints from people who have done it.

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However, when questioned about the presence of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) with their riot gears at the Gunjur Police Station, the Officer In-Charge explained that he did not know why they came because his Station did not write to request for their presence. He however advised the people to maintain peace.

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