Scarcity of Fuel Continues, Drivers Lament Loss of Revenue


By Nelson Manneh

Drivers have on Wednesday 10th November 2021 lamented on the high loss on the revenue they are going through caused by scarcity of fuel in the country.

The Gambia over the past ten days experienced scarcity of Gas-Oil and now it has extended to the shortage of both Gas-Oil and diesel.

This reporter yesterday visited some of the petrol stations and found many vehicles packed beside some of the petrol stations and some packed within the vicinity.

Bakery Manjang a taxi driver who spoke to this reporter said since Monday he has not been going to work simply because there he did not have fuel in his car.

“I have used all the reserved fuel I have in my car and am now without fuel, this is causing a lot of revenue loss for me and I have a family to take care of,” he said.

Manjang said to his knowledge fuel scarcity has not happened like this before. “The politicians who always promised us for a better Gambia are on their campaign and none of them is taking time to talk about it.”

Mariama Njie a vendor in Serrekunda said for the past few days she has always gone to the market very late because she finds it difficult to get a vehicle.

“The transport system is very poor in this country. Drivers were exploiting passengers even when there was fuel talk less of now when there is scarcity of fuel,” she said.

Madam Njie said the shortage of fuel is a great loss for both drivers and passengers because as businesswomen it hinders their movement and always makes them get to their business areas late.

Buba Camara a van driver whom this reporter met with a drum at one of the petrol stations said since in the morning he had been standing hoping to have fuel.

“This scarcity of fuel is very serious, most of us have families to feed and driving is our only source of income,” he said.

Most of the drivers who spoke to this reporter also lamented the loss of income they are going through.