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The Government claims that it is promoting culture and tradition. What could more be in line with its claims than to name a street after the founder of a village whose life is already history? On the other hand, a Mayor or Mayoress has a three four year term limit and has to be accountable to the public up to his or her last day in office. Public servants or elected representatives who serve well are given national or municipal awards. Towns, streets and monuments are often named after people who have lived exemplary lives or were father or mother figures of communities and nations during their life time. The naming of the street should not have been transformed into a partisan affair when everyone is  aware that it costs 7.7 Million dollars to construct and that the sum was provided by the Islamic Development Bank which has to be paid back through tax money squeezed from the pause  of the whole nation. The project is a national one and not a municipal one. In our view, Sayerr Jobe Avenue is a fitting name which did not engender any controversy. On the other hand the name change is raising many questions and comments. Foroyaa will do a Vox Pop to find out the thinking of the residents of Serrekunda.]]>

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