By Mustapha Jallow

Mr. Sanusi Sanyang, a resident of New Jeshwang, has gone missing for 162 days. sanusi-sanyang

His wife, Awa Jammeh, yesterday, on the 16 October, told Foroyaa that her husband is yet to return, adding that she does not know the reason for his disappearance.

Asked if she had revisited the known detention centres, such as National Intelligence Agency (NIA), Police headquarters, Mile Two Prison or other places of detention, she responded in negative. “I wanted to go and continue searching for my husband but unfortunately my son fell sick, so I have no other option but to stay at home and take care of our son,” she lamented.

However, she explained that since the abduction of her husband she cannot find support for their children and appealed to the authorities to release her husband who is a father of 4 kids.

The wife walked into the Foroyaa’s office on 27 September, to explain her ordeal and solicit support in her efforts to search for her husband.

She explained that her husband was picked up on 10 May 2016 and had gone missing since then.

“I was in our house together with my husband while our kids were outside playing around 3 pm when a group of men in plain clothes were seen outside our compound with a vehicle with tinted glasses. An unknown person came into the house and informed Sanusi that some men standing outside were asking for him and when he (Sanusi) stepped out he was immediately forced into the waiting vehicle and then whisked away,” the wife narrated.

The distraught looking wife, who was almost in tears, explained the agony and suffering which she now finds herself in as a mother of four children, including a 1 year seven months old baby, following the abduction and disappearance of her husband for more than four months now.

Mr. Sanyang is a painter by profession and is residing with his family in New Jeshwang.

The wife explained that she does not know the reason why her husband was abducted but added that he is a staunch supporter of the United Democratic Party (UDP).  She said since the day he went missing none of his relatives has seen or knows his whereabouts.

“I’m really worried about the education of our children. They are presently going to school which has already re-opened on Monday. The little income I earn from the laundries I do for some people in our neighbourhood is not sufficient to support even our survival,” she disclosed.

She revealed that some family members have visited some known places of detention in both Banjul and Kanifing Municipality such as police headquarters, National Intelligence Agency (NIA) head office and Mile Two Prisons but could not trace him anywhere. She added that if they enquire from the officials they meet at these places their answer is always that he is not in their custody.