Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Sanna Sabally to Reconcile with Edward Singhatey today


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By Yankuba Jallow

Sanna B. Sabally and Edward Singhatey both members of the defunct AFPRC will reconcile today following 24 years of fracas.

The reconciliation came about after the two decided to reconcile publicly and the TRRC facilitated the process.

Sabally launched the 22nd July 1994 coup that deposed the PPP government and he became the vice-chairman of the military government for 6 months before his arrest, subsequent conviction and sentenced to 9 years in jail .

Singhatey was the Minister of Defense until when Sanna Sabally was arrested and he became the vice-chairman of Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council.

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Singhatey has told the TRRC that they were very closed-friends before the 22nd July 1994 coup. He described Sabally as a very nice man. 

Sanna Sabally told the TRRC that he was arrested by Singhatey and detained in the cells at Mile II, adding that he was tortured severely by soldiers and other agents of the NIA. Sadibou Hydara, also a member of the AFPRC died under the custody of the State.

Singhatey has admitted that he arrested Sabally, but denied escorting him to Mile II. Singhatey said Yahya Jammeh feared Sanna Sabally and therefore accused him of plotting a coup to unseat him.  

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