Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Rubbish heap blocks staircase at Serekunda Market


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Fatoumata K. Jallow

Uncollected heap of rubbish has blocked one of the staircases at the main Serekunda Market making the stalls upstairs Rubbish heap blocks staircase atinaccessible to customers and vendors alike.

Mansour Njie, a stall owner selling mobile phones and accessories, said the garbage has been piled there for a very long time and that they reported the matter to the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) market management for it to be removed but to no avail. He said the uncollected rubbish is not only disturbing them with the stink but is really affecting their business as it turns away the customers who could not walk over it to come to their stalls.

Another vendor, Omar Jallow, who sells shoes, reiterated similar concerns and called on the market management to help them by clearing the garbage that is heaped around the base of the staircase.

“We are asked to pay duty every day and the purpose of this collection is to be taking care of needs such the daily clearing of garbage at the market. So the Council should allow garbage to be uncollected leading to the problem we have here of not being able to easily access our stalls,” complained MariamaSey, a lady vendor who sells SIM cards. She also called on the KMC to make garbage collection in the market a matter of priority.

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This reporter could not talk to the municipal authorities but will contact them today to get their response on the issue.

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