Rubbish Heap Blocking Staircase at S/K Market Removed


By Fatoumatta K jallow

The uncollected heap of rubbish which has blocked one of the staircases to the upstairs stalls at at the main Serekunda Market Staircase cleared of garbagewas collected yesterday, Tuesday, 6 October, 2015.

This followed the recent report published in this medium of complaints raised by stall owners whose business operations were directly affected by the uncollected garbage which has been preventing customers from coming to their stalls as there was no access to one of the staircases.

When this reporter visited the market yesterday afternoon, the concern stall owners expressed relief for the removal of the garbage by the Kanifing Municipal Council.

Lamin Touray, a stall owner, expressed appreciation for the swift response of the Council following their complaint, adding that the presence of the uncollected garbage had meant financial loses to them as the customers were not only prevented access but were put off by the stench coming from the heap. “We thank KMC for the efforts,” he added.

Another vendor called Mariama Sillah urge the Council not to allow this to happen again as garbage collection is one of the services they should be providing for market vendors who pay daily duty for the purpose.

On the part of KMC, the PRO, Madam Fatoumatta Sillah said they are doing everything possible to ensure that all the waste generated in the market is removed. She said they have a cleansing service whose workers go round to collect waste. “The cleanliness of the municipality is our priority and we will make sure that this is done,” said Madam Sillah.

The KMC PRO concluded by appealing to the people to help them in making the environment a better place to live in.