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Rotarians Embark on Malaria Prevention, Control Campaign


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By Isatou Kanyi

Rotarians in the Gambia have embarked on a malaria prevention and control sensitization campaign in Hospitals and Health facilities within Banjul and the Greater Banjul area on Tuesday February 25th 2020.

The event which was held at Sukuta Health Centre, had support from the National Malaria Control Program, the Regional Health Directorate and the Catholic Relief Service (CRS) for the Malaria sensitization Campaign for the above health facilities. The event is geared to raise awareness and sensitize communities on the prevention and control of malaria. The Campaign will mainly focus on the most vulnerable groups of the population affected by malaria and these include pregnant women, mothers and children.

Landing Camara, Officer in Charge of the Sukuta Health Facilities highlighted the importance of the event; that the campaign will teach pregnant woman and mothers about the importance of sleeping under a mosquito bed net and will help them adopt good behaviors towards malaria prevention in their homes.

He advised mothers to take their children to Hospitals or nearest health facilities as soon as their child has fever or is shivering or vomiting; that pregnant women should take full medication of ‘fansider’ and encouraged that pregnant women register early at health facilities.

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Dr. Emma Bruce, Chairperson of Rotary District 9101’s sub-committee on Rotary International, said the organization is out to serve society and they focus on water and sanitation as well as to fight against diseases such as malaria and caring for women and children; that collaboration with Government to reduce malaria in the Gambia is in the offing.

According to research, Malaria causes maternal anemia in pregnant women and leads to low birth weight of new born babies, spontaneous abortion and infant mortality. Malaria is a life threatening disease caused by the parasites transmitted by infected female mosquitoes.

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