Rongo Wants D175 Million from Lawyer Omar Jammeh for Forging Land Documents


By Nelson Manneh

Momodou L Jarju alias Rongo has made a counterclaim against Lawyer Omar Jammeh, who sued him for defamation and breach of contract. 

Rongo wants the lawyer to pay him One Hundred Million Dalasi (D100,000,000) for alleged trespassing into his traditional family lands using fraudulent documents by way of forging his signature without his prior consent and knowledge. He also accused the lawyer of selling parts of the lands to third parties claiming that he was the original land owner.

Rongo is relying on a police report prepared by Assistant Superintendent Hassan Baldeh regarding his complaint against Lawyer Omar Jammeh for allegedly forging his signature.

The Police Report examined two documents of deeds deemed lease dated 5th and 6th January 2020 bearing the names of Momodou Lamin Jarju and Omar Jammeh. The police examined the signatures and obtained sample signatures from Rongo. They also looked at Rongo’s signature on his biometric identity card. The purpose of the examination was to conduct a scientific examination and analysis of the submitted documents and determine whether the signatures were genuine or forged.

The police concluded that the characters and style on the standard signatures do not match the queried signature.

Rongo wants to be compensated Seventy-Five Million Dalasi (D75,000,000) as payment for damages for causing him and his family to suffer from very severe stress and other uncomfortable disturbances during the whole period from the year 2022.

Rongo is asking the court to make an order that all the so-called fraudulent transfers made by the Lawyer to people as null and void.

He also wants Lawyer Jammeh to pay One Million Dalasi (D1,000,000) as legal and administration fees.

Rongo said the claims of the lawyer are false. He accused the lawyer of forging the documents and then proceeding to trespass into the land without authority.

Rongo said Lawyer Omar Jammeh conspired with Lawyer Saikou Fatty to prepare the documents. He added that the two lawyers want to use their legal knowledge against him by coming together to prepare unauthorised transfers. He stated that his signature was forged in the documents.

Rongo said Lawyer Omar Jammeh dubiously used the serial information contained in the power of Attorney belonging to Rongo’s late father and the sketch plan to one of Rongo’s brothers Omar Jammeh of Banjunding. He explained that the Lawyer asked him to forward the sketch plan and the power of attorney to him via WhatsApp. He added that at this point he did not know the intention of Lawyer Omar Jammeh.

Rongo said the dates that were mentioned by Lawyer Omar Jammeh found him in the law school as he was not enrolled yet. He added that he did not know Lawyer Omar Jammeh at the time.

In his statement of defence, Rongo said he is well equipped with evidence about all the alleged dubious activities carried against him by Lawyer Omar Jammeh and his associate, Lawyer Saikou Fatty. He indicated that he will make sure that he stands “in all manner and altitudes to consciously fight his rights in any aspect by making sure that the truth prevails in the interest of justice and against impunity – lawyers using their profession against people they should protect.

Rongo said his lawyers are Lawyer Bory S. Touray, Baboucar Secka and Ebrima Jah. He added that the messages he sent to Lawyer Omar Jammeh were to be forwarded to Lawyer Ebrima Jah. Rongo said the processes Lawyer Omar Jammeh is claiming to have prepared were prepared a month before Lawyer Omar Jammeh came to his residence to collect a judgment.

Rongo said Lawyer Omar Jammeh is not truthful about his claim because the processes were prepared by his three lawyers while Omar Jammeh has never been part of his legal team. He added that Omar Jammeh has never represented him in any case in any of his high court proceedings.

Rongo stated that Lawyer Omar Jammeh had pleaded with him to allow him to join his legal team and serve as a volunteer, but this request was turned down. He said Lawyer Omar Jammeh saw a sketch plan dated 15th June 2020 bearing the name of Omar Jammeh, Rongo’s brother.

Rongo said Lawyer Omar Jammeh came to him pleading with him to take him to the land area because he was involved in a case involving Mam Sillah and Kairaba Fatty versus the Banjuliding Women Gardeners in the Brikama Magistrate’s Court. Rongo added that he showed Lawyer Omar Jammeh the area and also further pointed to him places he had allocated his family members, including one of his brothers, Omar Jammeh.

Rongo said he was the one who took the photos and sent them to Lawyer Omar Jammeh for onward transmission to Lawyer Ebrima Jah during their site visit.

Rongo said the Lawyer does not have any genuine documents to use as proof either from Alkalo or Chief, or tangible legal documents to prove title over the land. He added that the deeds Lawyer Omar Jammeh wishes to rely on were forged with the help of Lawyer Saikou Fatty.

Rongo prepared a 142-paragraph statement of defence. He denied all the claims of the Lawyer and then countered him with a counter-claim.