Thursday, June 24, 2021

Rolling back Obama’s Middle East Success


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International politics is not about military might. Otherwise, Vietnam would still be under the US and the Soviet Union would have still been in existence. Only those leaders who recognise the fundamental laws of history could enable their countries to co-exist with other countries, big or small, to live in peace and tranquillity. Obama learned this fundamental lesson and started to apply it without finally implementing it in full. The lesson is simple.

Those who recognise the right of each nation to self-determination and independence and the right of each people to democracy and justice would be seen as the friend of all nations and peoples on earth. Any big power that develops policies guided by such a principle would be respected and honoured by all. This is why Obama could contain Iran’s pursuit of nuclear power so that Saudi Arabia would not do the same, and restrained armed attacks on Assad so as not to bring ISIS to power in Iraq but called for an international diplomatic initiative that would encourage the sovereign citizens of Syria to take charge of their own destiny.

The drawing of Iran away from nuclear bombs could have opened its leaders to more influence to negotiate with Saudi so as to push the Middle East to a state of peaceful negotiation to settle the dispute. Now that there is more confrontation than dialogue the belligerent forces in all the countries are now having the upper hand. This is likely to increase sabre rattling and skirmishes that would distract countries from economic development and push them more to militarism which would raise oil prices, increase hostilities between peoples and undermine world peace and development. Such development should not be taken as a success story by anybody on this earth.

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