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Returning Officer Urges Candidates To Promote Peace As UDP Nominate Candidates In Banjul


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Isatou Jallow Ndure, the Returning Officer for the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in Banjul, has strongly urged candidates to promote peace at all times, in the upcoming Councillorship elections.

Mrs. Jallow Ndure was addressing aspiring candidates contesting on UDP ticket, when they filed in their nomination papers on Thursday, 15th March, 2018.

“Candidates should avoid using hate speeches, abusive language or clash between them and their opponents” She remarked, further saying that they should preach peace and avoid making slander. She added that they should advise their supporters to be peaceful during the campaign period.   Madam Jallow Ndure said all candidates will be given their nomination letters after passing through public scrutiny.

The UDP filed in the nomination papers of 9 candidates for all the wards in Banjul, out of which only one is a woman. The Candidates were accompanied by their supporters and were allowed to enter the nomination room with at least 5 people, including the deputy party leader, Aji Yam Secka and other UDP executive members.

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Madam Jallow Ndure, took each aspirant through the nomination process with the support of the IEC officials. The IEC Commissioner confirmed all nomination papers but pointed out that they should bring their campaign itinerary as soon as possible in order to avoid clashes.

The nomination was witnessed by the members of the State Intelligence Agency, the media and IEC officials including the director of operations.

The following are the candidates nominated for the UDP in Banjul: Bintou Jaiteh for Campama Ward, Omar BJ Touray for Crab Island Ward, Mustapha Sarr for Box Bar Ward, Tunko Jammeh for Soldier Town Ward, Dawda Jangum for New Town East Ward, Musa Cassa Taal for New Town West Ward, Mohamadou Mbye for Half Die Ward, Abdoulie Gaye for Portuguues town ward and Pa Babou Cham for Jollof Town Ward.

Tunko Jammeh Soldier Town Ward
Omar Touray Crab Island Ward
Mohamadou Mbye half die ward
Dawda Jangum New town west ward
Pa Babou Cham Jollof Town ward
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